Founded by Gimmo Etro as a textile company in Milan in 1968, ETRO gained fame almost immediately for its quality products and refined prints. In 1981, Gerolamo Etro introduced the Paisley pattern, enhanced in all its forms and colour variations. The Paisley pattern developed over time and has become the Milanese fashion house's signature design. The ETRO is based at Via Spartaco Milan, in a building which was renovated in 1977. The edifice contains the Paisley textile art archive and an evocative company library, a place where one can lose themselves among art books in all its forms, timeless textiles and historic clothing. ETRO has always been at the forefront of Made in Italy fashion but also about culture. While the Paisley design is the Maison’s iconic design, its logo, a noble Pegaso, a winged horse, is often embossed or embroidered on outerwear, bags and belts.

ETRO creates and produces men's and women's clothing collections, alongside other collections that include accessories, fragrances and home furnishings.

ETRO began as and remains a family company, and there's still a family atmosphere in the corridors of its Milanese headquarters. The lives, journeys, experiences, passions and cultural experiences of the talented team become important factors in the creative design processes in preparing each garment from every collection. 'Etro style' is art applied to prêt-à-porter. Artistic references, inspirations dictated by different worlds, experimentation, and co-operations with maestros of the past and present tell a family story that began in printing and has reached fashion shows. ETRO, the family company continues to transmit its distinctive features: curiosity, art, innovation, travel, nature, sustainability, exploration and community.


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