NEWSROOM Hult Prize Foundation Dubai Summit

June 23, 2023

Hult Prize Foundation Dubai Summit

Our General Merchandising Manager, Francois Schweitzer was a featured speaker at Fashion Forward: Redesigning the Fashion Industry at this year’s Hult Prize Foundation Dubai Summit.

Francois was joined on this panel by Leda Di Marti of Maelle App and Matteo Boffa Co-Founder of Thaely, as they each shared their valuable expertise and guidance to an audience of talented early-stage fashion startups participating in the 2023 Hult Prize challenge. With this year’s theme of Sustainable Fashion, Francois and his fellow panellists gave the startups insider insights on the future of sustainable fashion, the value chain in this industry, as well as the role of an entrepreneur in achieving net zero impact in fashion.

At Etoile Group, we have always been committed to partnering with, and championing, brands and designers that are consciously working to positively impact people and planet. We wish each of the innovative startups the very best of luck in their endeavours as they address some of the world’s biggest issues head on.